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Second Cabin (Second Class) Accommodations

Second-cabin accommodations had their own deckhouse aft of the main superstructure that was reserved for saloon passengers.  Robert Whyte, an architect employed by John Brown, designed the second cabin spaces.


The lounge was the only public room on Boat Deck 'A' and was entirely surrounded by the promenade around the boat deck.  Previously, Cunard had not provided a lounge for second class.  The room measured 42 feet x 40 feet (13 m × 12 m) and had mahogany tables, chairs, and setees set on a rose carpet. The center of the lounge was also the top-most part of the second-cabin staircase.  The top of the staircase was crowned with a skylight.


The library, reserved for second-cabin ladies, was on Promenade Deck 'B' and situated forward of the staircase.

Smoking Room

The smoking room, reserved for second-cabin men, was on Promenade deck 'B' just aft of the staircase.  The room measured 52 feet x 33 feet (16 m × 10 m).  The smoking room was decorated with mahogany panelling, blue-tinted sliding windows, white plasterwork ceiling, and a dome.  One wall had a mosaic of a river scene in Brittany, France.


Second cabin had standard shared cabins on decks C, D, and E that accommodated up to 4 passengers.  Second cabin did not have any suites.

Dining Saloon

The design of the dining room was similar to that of first class, but smaller and plainer.  The original design had one floor for diners under a ceiling with a small dome and balcony.  The entire room was decorated in white paneling and pillars, with extra pillars disguising the bracing Lusitania needed to dampen the ship's vibration. Meals were eaten at long tables with fixed swivel chairs and there were two sittings for meals.  In the case of Lusitania's last voyage, when booked to capacity the upper balcony could be converted to a second dining floor.  The balcony was on Shelter Deck 'C' and the main dining room on Saloon Deck 'D'.

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