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Lusitania Facts and Firsts

  • Lusitania’s Parsons turbine engines were 25 feet long with 12 ft diameter rotors.
  • Lusitania’s counter-balanced rudder weighed 56 tons.
  • The rudder machinery was built by Brown Brothers, Edinburgh. A main steering engine drove the rudder through worm gear and clutch operating on a toothed quadrant rack. A reserve engine, for emergencies, operated separately on the rack through a chain drive.
  • The ship’s stockless bower anchors weighed 10 1/4 tons, made by N. Hingley and Sons, Ltd.
  • The anchor chains weighed 125 tons and were 330 fathoms long, made by N. Hingley and Sons, Ltd.
  • The capstans were steam powered and made by Napier brothers Ltd, Glasgow.
Lusitania Firsts:
  • First British four-stacker.
  • First four-stacker with evenly spaced funnels.  (although the space between funnels 2 and 3 was actually four feet wider than the spaces between the other funnels)
  • First ship larger than 30,000 gross tons.
  • First ship to cross the Atlantic in under five days.
  • First quadruple-screw speed record-breaker.
  • First turbine-driven speed record-breaker
  • First ship wider than the Great Eastern (1858).

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