Lusitania Passenger Lists, Crossing 202, departing New York City on 1 May 1915 Lusitania Crew Lists, Crossing 202, departing New York City on 1 May 1915 More During the time of the Lusitania, Cunard termed first class “saloon” and termed second class “second cabin” on their ships.  This site follows the nomenclature of the times for the passenger manifests or passenger lists. The list contains the names of four people who died soon after the disaster, one came on the official list of dead, but died later than the other three, so all four on the lists are saved.
  • Clarke, Mr. Alfred Russell.
  • McKetchan, Master Campbell, died on 15 September 1915 (He was on the official list among the victims).
  • Plank, Mrs. Harriet, died on 31 July 1915.
  • Knight, Mr. Charles, died of blood poisoning ten days after the disaster.
This site also assigns passenger citizenship by the national borders of 1915, so many Poles and Finns will be listed as “Russian” and Irish, Canadians, and Australians listed as “British.”  Most of those listed as Russian would have been either Polish or Jewish. Very few Russians traveled to the United States during this time period. Pertaining to couples and families:
  • Newlywed nationalities are listed as to where man and wife were from before their marriage. Therefore, Leslie Mason would be listed as American even though her husband Stewart was English.
  • If there is insufficient information for all members of a family, that information will usually fall under the biographical entry for the patriarch.
Both are, admittedly, imperfect systems. Contributors: Steve Duke, Australia Peter Engberg-Klarström, Sweden Jim Kalafus, USA Paul Latimer Mike Poirier, USA Craig Stringer Judith Tavares Hildo Thiel, The Netherlands Jean Richards Timmermeister, USA Geoff Whitfield, UK References: Ballard, Robert D. and Spencer Dunmore.  Exploring the Lusitania.  Warner Books, 1995. Hickey, Des and Gus Smith.  Seven Days to Disaster.  G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1981. Holbourn, Ian B. Stoughton.  The Isle of Foula and "Memoir" by Marion C. Holbourn.  Johnson & Greig, 1938.  Reprinted, Birlinn Books, 2001. Kalafus, Jim and Michael Poirier (2005) Lest We Forget : Part 1 ET Research. <> Kalafus, Jim and Michael Poirier (2005) Lest We Forget Part 2:  As the Lusitania Went Down ET Research. <> Layton, J. Kent.  Lusitania:  An Illustrated Biography of the Ship of Splendor.  Lulu Press, 2007. Mixed Claims Commission, 1925. Preston, Diana.  Lusitania:  An Epic Tragedy.  Berkley Books, 2002. Simpson, Colin.  The Lusitania.  Little, Brown, and Company, 1972.

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