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Mrs. Frank B. Tesson (Alice E. Lowe Atkins)

Alice Tesson, 60, was a United States citizen from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States, traveling aboard Lusitania with her husband Frank. The Tessons had booked passage aboard Lusitania at the last moment, as Frank intended to go to Paris on a buying trip for John Wanamaker stores, where he was assistant manager of the shoe department. Both Frank and Alice were lost in the Lusitania sinking and their bodies were either not recovered or not identified. Alice Tesson, then Alice Atkins, married Frank Tesson in August 1895. At the time, Frank was 29 years of age and Alice was 40. From her previous marriage to Mr. Atkins, Alice already had three sons: William, then 21; Charles, then 18; and Roy, then 8. Frank and Alice did not have children of their own. Roy Atkins was born a cripple and had been able to earn a livelihood. Between 1895 and 1914 Roy lived with Frank and Alice when they lived in St. Louis, Missouri; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Philadelphia; and New York City, New York. During 1914 and 1915, and short times in previous years, Roy lived with his brother William, and Frank and Alice paid for Roy's living expenses. Their home address in Philadelphia was 593 Riverside Drive. Alice was survived by her son William, who had a wife and nine children ranging from 16 months to 27 years; her son Charles, who had a wife and a daughter 19 years of age; and Roy, who was unmarried.

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