Mr. Arthur Thomas Mathews

Arthur Mathews, 38, was a British citizen from Montréal, Québec, Canada.  His ticket for Lusitania was 13168. His cabin aboard the ship was B-94. Mathews survived the Lusitania sinking. According to family history, Mathews was from the UK but had emigrated to Canada. When his sister Harriet Matilda Colston (nee Mathews) was widowed and left with 4 sons to raise, Arthur was returning to UK on Lusitania and would take her two eldest sons back to Canada with him. After the Lusitania sinking, Mathews was nursed back to health, married his nurse and returned to Canada without the boys. Mathews returned to North America aboard the American Line’s St. Louis on 7 June 1915. A photo from the Bettman Archive shows him with fellow Lusitania survivors Richard TaylorCharles Hardwick, and Robert Rankin. Contributors: Daphne Birkby (grandniece of Arthur Mathews) References: “Survivors of Lusitania Disaster.”  Corbis Images.  Web. 27 July 2011. <>.

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