Mr. Arthur “Al” John Wood

Arthur Wood, 37, was a British national sailed aboard Lusitania's last voyage and was lost in the sinking. According to the New York Times, Wood was a theatrical manager, but the same article had also reported that Wood had cancelled passage. Since the list of recovered victims includes Wood's name on it, this may be a case of mistaken or conflated identity. Wood's ticket number was 46110. His cabin was B-17. The New York Times relates that Wood's friends had sent cables to dissuade him from sailing. He would have been traveling with business friend, Walter Moore, who does not appear on the passenger list. Incidentally, Woods, along with Charles Klein, had also been booked to sail on the Titanic's disastrous maiden voyage but had cancelled at the last minute. Per the list of interments at Cobh, Mr. Arthur S. Wood was body #126, male, 1st Class passenger, Common Grave C. Contributors: Judith Tavares

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