Mr. Charles Frederick Fowles

Charles Frederick Fowles (1865 - 1915), 49, was traveling aboard Lusitania with his second wife, Frances and Sir Hugh Lane. They were all art connoisseurs. All three of them died when the Lusitania was torpedoed and sunk on 7 May 1915.


Charles Fowles was born in the fourth quarter of 1865.  Frances May Turner was Fowles' second wife.  He already had two daughters, Gertrude and Gladys, from his previous marriage.  Charles and Frances lived at 1 West 64th Street, New York City, United States.  He was the treasurer for Scott & Fowles Co., interior decorators. Mr. and Mrs. Fowles crossed the Atlantic several times between 1903 and 1915.  On several of these trips there were some relatives with them, such as Charles' daughter or Frances' sister Dorothy.  In 1912 her sister Dorothy, who was married now with Percy Arthur Smith, was with them.  She also had her son with them Kenneth, then 5 years old. Both Charles and Frances Fowles died on the Lusitania's last voyage.  Their cabin had been B-52.  They had been traveling in the company of Sir Hugh Lane as they shared similar interests in art.  The bodies of Charles and Frances were both recovered.  Charles' body was #2 picked up by Doolin and Arran.

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