Mr. Charles Frederick Sturdy

Charles Sturdy (1877 - 1937), 38, was a British subject from Montréal, Québec, Canada who survived the Lusitania sinking. His ticket for the ship was 13167 and he stayed in cabin B-96. After Lusitania, Sturdy returned to America aboard the American Liner St. Paul. Other Lusitania survivors aboard this voyage of the St. Paul included Joseph and Doris CharlesErnest CowperMaude ThompsonJames LearyVirginia LoneyOgden HammondDaniel MooreHerbert Colebrook and Percy Rogers. Charles had two children, a son named John Rhodes Sturdy and a daughter named Rhodafred Ellen Sturdy. Charles Sturdy died in 1937, at age 60, after suffering a heart attack while lawn bowling. Contributors Paul Latimer Michael Poirier Kate Sturdy (great-granddaughter of Charles Sturdy)

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