Mr. Charles Veitch Mills

Charles Veitch Mills, 33, was a United States citizen from New Rochelle, New York, United States. Mills was salesman and buyer for the firm J. P. Locke and Potts, wholesale dealers in dry goods at 81-83 Franklin Street. Mills traveling aboard Lusitania on firm business. His ticket aboard Lusitania was 46039 and he stayed in cabin B-63. Mills was lost in the Lusitania disaster.


Charles was the fourth son of William and Sarah Veitch Mills. One of his brothers was named William, who had been married to the daughter of "Coffee King" William Crossman. Charles married Anna Bavier on 1 October 1910 in New Rochelle, where they continued to live until his death. Charles and Anna had no children from their marriage. At the time of his death, he was 33 and Anna was 28. On Friday, 14 May 1915, Anna filed a claim with the State Workmen’s Compensation Commission. It was the first claim for loss of life on the Lusitania. Charles' salary was $3,000 to $4,000 a year, and if the claim was allowed, Anna would receive one-third of his salary as long as she remained single. These payments would stop if she remarried. The Globe Indemnity Company carried the insurance. Anna filed $250,000 against the Cunard Company for the lost of her husband. This case, and all others, were dismissed by Judge Julius Mayer, who stated that the loss of the Lusitania was due to the fault of the Germans and not the Cunard Company. Anna also brought her case before the Mixed Claims Commission, where she was awarded $40,000 for the loss of her husband and $2,000 for lost property.

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Charles Veitch Mills at the Mixed Claims Commission
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