Master Elbridge Courtlandt Luck

Elbridge Luck, 12, was traveling with mother Charlotte, and brother Kenneth, 8. Their home was in Worcester, Massachusetts, but his father Arthur Luck was a mining engineer whose business took him to England. The Luck family's ticket number was 10541 and they stayed in cabin D-61. Elbridge, Charlotte, and Kenneth were lost when the Lusitania was torpedoed and sunk on 7 May 1915. None of their bodies were recovered or identified.


Elbridge was the elder son of Arthur Courtlandt Luck and Charlotte Field. He had a younger brother, Kenneth. When Arthur was abroad on business, Charlotte took her sons with her to live with her mother, Frances Lapham Field, in San Francisco, California. At the time of the deaths of Elbridge, Charlotte, and Kenneth, Frances was past 70 and Arthur was 40.


While traveling aboard Lusitania's last voyage, the Lucks were acquainted with fellow passengers Blish and Maude Thompson. When the ship was sinking, the Thompsons had just reached the boat deck with their lifebelts and saw Harry and Mary Keser and Charlotte, Elbridge, and Kenneth Luck. Blish Thompson saw that Charlotte Luck did not have a lifebelt, so he gave her his. A crewman went past them shouting, “the ship is perfectly safe. You are all right”. Maude also heard someone calling from the bridge, “lower no more boats.” None of the members of the Luck family traveling aboard Lusitania survived the sinking Arthur Luck and Frances Field took their cases to the Mixed Claims Commmission, where Mr. Luck was awarded $20,000 for the loss of his family. Frances was awarded $5000 for the loss of her daughter’s financial support.

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