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Mrs. Paul Bouteiller (Elise Schauring)

Elise Bouteiller, 47, was maid to the Loney family of Allen and Catharine and their daughter Virginia. Elise accompanied the Loney family on their trip to England, where Allen Loney was part of the British Ambulance Corps and Catharine would spend the summer caring for wounded soldiers. Elise, Allen, and Catharine were lost when the Lusitania was torpedoed and sunk. Virginia survived.


Elise was born in France as Elise Schauring and immigrated to the United States in 1887. She had been married to Paul Bouteiller, but as of 1915 she was widowed. With Paul, she had two children. Elise has living descendants today. Elise was one of eight servants hired by the Loney family for their residence in New Rochelle, New York. She had been with the Loneys for many years, and with the birth of Virginia, Elise became Virginia's nurse and constant companion.


Aboard Lusitania, Elise shared a ticket with the Loneys, 46061, and stayed in cabin B-81. Allen and Catharine stayed in cabin B-85 and Virginia in cabin B-87. On the day of the disaster, 7 May 1915, Elise was in Virginia's cabin, where Virginia was resting. When the ship was torpedoed, Elise and Virginia rushed to the boat deck, where they found Allen and Catharine. Elise, Virginia, and Catharine waited on deck as Allen went back belowdecks to get more lifebelts and returned, distributing them, but did not keep one for himself. Elise and the Loneys stood by the boat station for lifeboat 14. Allen saw that there was still room for her daughter and ordered Virginia to get in the lifeboat. The lifeboat was lowered with Virginia but without the rest of her family. She turned around and saw Elise and her parents on the rapidly sinking deck, waving. Lifeboat 14 capsized and Virginia jumped out and swam. Suction pulled Virginia down once more, and when she surfaced, the Lusitania was gone, Elise was gone, and her parents were gone. Virginia was saved, Elise and Allen and Catharine Loney were lost. None of their bodies were either recovered or identified. Contributors Jim Kalafus, USA Paul Latimer Michael Poirier, USA Zachary Schwarz Judith Tavares Hildo Thiel, The Netherlands References Kalafus, Jim and Michael Poirier (2005) Lest We Forget : Part 1 ET Research. <> "The Loney Family." St. James’ Memorials and Gifts: Art, Architecture & Memory in Skaneateles, New York. Web. 14 July 2011. <>.

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