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Mrs. William Henry Chapman (Ellen Elizabeth Nottingham)

Ellen Elizabeth Chapman (1855 - ?), 59, was a British national from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, traveling aboard Lusitania with her friend Goldiana Morell. Ellen Chapman's ticket aboard Lusitania was 6924 and she stayed in cabin B-32. Both Mrs. Chapman and Mrs. Morell were saved from the Lusitania disaster of 7 May 1915. Mrs. Chapman was hospitalized for injuries sustained from the sinking and released from hospital on or about Tuesday, 11 May 1915. Ellen was known to her family by her middle name, Elizabeth.


Ellen Elizabeth Nottingham was born on 28 October 1855 to John and Mary Chapman in Canada. Her parents were immigrants from England and were born around 1821. Ellen herself may have had a brother named Fred. She married William Chapman at St. Philips Anglican Church in Toronto, on 2 June 1877. William Chapman was from Stroud, Gloucestershire, England, and was born on 24 March 1851. The Chapmans had 6 children. Contributors Terrence Flanagan Zachary Schwarz Judith Tavares

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