Mr. Eugene Henry Posen

Eugene Posen, 41, was a naturalized British subject living at The Albany in London, England, United Kingdom. Posen survived the Lusitania sinking. His ticket aboard the ship had been D1344 and he stayed in cabin D-47. After he was saved, he sent the following telegram from Oxford Street station to his friend, Harold Begbie:
Harold Begbie Hartfield Sussex Just returned saved from Lusitania will you lunch with me Albany one day next week Posen
Posen was born a Swiss national and became a British subject. He was presumably a pilot, as he was also a member of the Royal Aero Club of the United Kingdom since April 1914. With anti-German sentiment running high in World War I, on 18 November 1915, Posen changed his name to Eugene Henry Post. References The London Gazette. 3 December 1915. Web. 15 August 2011. <>. The Royal Aero Club of the United Kingdom. 11 April 1914. Web. 15 August 2011. <>. "Telegram from Lusitania Survivor to Harold Begbie."  The First World War Poetry Digital Archive.  University of Oxford. Web.  10 August 2011. <>.

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