Mr. Frederick Sydney Hammond

Frederick Hammond, 29, was a Canadian from Toronto, Ontario, Canada sailing on Lusitania with his wife Kathleen Hammond to obtain a commission in the Royal British Army. Up until 1913, Mr. and Mrs. Hammond had lived on Grosvenor Street in Toronto. Before sailing he wrote this letter to his half brother Edward Crombie in Paris, Ontario, which is now in the archives of McMaster University:
Dear Ned, This is a farewell note and I'm so sorry I didn't see you before going away. I was only in Toronto a couple of days and didn't have a minute and now I'm here and we are sailing on May 1st on Lusitania. I'm certain of a good commission I feel sure. Connaught (The Duke) has given me an appointment this afternoon and has promised me letters to England. That means if I want to go Infantry I can get into either the Grenadier Guards or Rifle Brigade. Couldn't do much better than that could I but I think I'll try for a Cavalry job. Kath is in Kingston saying good-bye to her people. Well good-bye old chap heaps of love to Hilda & kids best of luck to yourself and I hope I'll get safely back again sometime. Yours, Fred.
Frederick Hammond died in the sinking, his wife Kathleen survived. Similarity of names between Frederick and Ogden Hammond led to false hope for Kathleen that her husband had been saved. Contributors: Marika Pirie, Canada Judith Tavares References: "The Home Front in Rural Ontario: The Crombie Family Archives." Peace and War in the 20th Century. McMaster University. Web. 24 July 2011. <> Toronto Star. Saturday, 8 May 1915, pg. 1.

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