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Mr. Frederick Archibald McMurtry

Frederick McMurtry, 45, was a British citizen and salesman from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. McMurtry was eating lunch with Josephine and Iris Burnside, George Powell, and Walter McLean when the Lusitania was torpedoed. Josephine Burnside was the only survivor of the group. McMurtry and the others were lost.


Frederick McMurtry was born on 17 May 1871 in Elizabethville, Ontario, Canada, the son of James Charles McMurtry and Annie E. McMurtry (née Craighead). McMurtry had an adopted sister named Mildred. The McMurtry family had emigrated from Milford, County Carlow, Ireland some time around 1800. Frederick married Gertrude Mabel Reeve, the daughter of John T. Reeve and Hannah Simpson of Toronto, on 29 July 1897. She had been born 29 July 1876 in Churchville, Ontario. They had two children, a son named Louis Burney McMurtry, who was born 13 March 1898 in Toronto, and a daughter named Florence Veda McMurtry born 8 October 1900 in York County, Ontario. McMurtry was a salesman in Toronto, and as of the 1901 census, he and his family were living in Toronto. In 1914, Gertrude's sister Mary Louisa Reeve Stork was lost in the sinking of the RMS Empress of Ireland. She was 55 years of age.


With Fred and Mabel Pearson, Frederick McMurtry was a passenger aboard Lusitania's first eastbound crossing in 1907. For Lusitania's last voyage, McMurtry's ticket was 13061 and he stayed in cabin D-59. Frederick McMurtry was was eating lunch with Josephine Burnside and her daughter Iris and George Powell and Walter McLean when the torpedo struck Lusitania. Josephine was separated from her daughter in the confusion during the sinking and survived. McMurtry and the others were lost. His body was either not recovered or not identified.


Frederick's son Louis fought for the British in World War I and became a second lieutenant in the 213th Squadron of the Royal Air Force. His plane was shot down on 13 October 1918 in Belgium. He is buried in the Oostrozebeke Communal Cemetery. McMurtry's widow, Gertrude, lived until 4 December 1939 and died in Pickering, Ontario. Their daughter Florence did not outlive her mother by long. She died on 2 October 1940 in Toronto.

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