Mr. Herman Abraham Myers

Herman Myers, 44, was a United States citizen from New York City, New York, United States. He was the head of the feather importing house of H. & E. & S. Myers on 684 Broadway, New York City. His home address was 605 West 113th Street, New York City. Myers and his brother Seligman were engaged in the business of the importation and sale of artificial flowers. Herman Myers was lost in Lusitania disaster. His ticket for the fateful crossing was 46089 and he stayed in cabin B-56. His death notice was printed in The New York Times, Wednesday, 26 May 1915, page 13: “Herman A, Myers, husband of Cherrie Adelson Myers, son of Mary Myers. Memorial services will be held at his late residence, 605 West 113th Street, Thursday, at 6 P.M. Philadelphia papers please copy."


Herman Myers was the son of Mary A. Myers. She was 68 years of age at the time of Herman's death. Herman's sisters were Lilly Myers, later Roth, then 46 years of age; Elsie Myers Picard, then 40 years of age; Florence Myers Oppenheimer, then 47 years of age; and Bella Myers. Bella had a twin brother, Seligman A. Myers, and they were both then 39 years of age. His wife, Cherrie Adelson Myers, was at the time about 32 years of age. They had no children. Seligman A. Myers lived with his mother, Mary and sister Bella, while Herman and Cherrie lived in a separate house. However, both Herman and Seligman jointly supported their mother and sister Bella by contributing about $3,000 per year. Each brother paid one half of this amount. Cherrie Myers died on 20 January 1922, leaving a will under which her brother-in-law, Benjamin Rinaldo, was appointed, qualified, and acted as executor of her estate. His mother, Mary A. Myers, died on 8 March 1922. His sister, Lilly Myers, later Roth, died on 28 May 1919. Elsie Myers Picard died on 3 August 1924.

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