Mr. Joseph Friedenstein

Joseph Friedenstein, 48, was a British subject from London, England, traveling saloon cabin (first class) aboard Lusitania. He was lost in the Lusitania sinking. His body was either never recovered or never identified. Friedenstein's ticket for Lusitania was 46038 and he stayed in cabin B-108. He had previously visited the United States via White Star's Majestic in April 1905, Cunard's Mauretania in September 1912 and May 1914, and Lusitania in May 1911 and February 1915. Contributors: Senan Molony, Ireland Hildo Thiel, The Netherlands References: "Matching Passenger Records." The Statue of Liberty- Ellis Island Foundation, Inc. Web. Accessed 14 May 2013. <>. Molony, Senan ( 2008 ) “Lusitania: Final Voyage Folios,” Gare Maritime (ref: #6316, accessed 13th May 2013 11:31:43 PM) <>.

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