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Mrs. Frederick Sydney Hammond (Kathleen Saunders McParland)

Kathleen Hammond, 29, born Kathleen Saunders McParland, was the wife of Frederick Hammond. Up until 1913, they had lived on Grosvenor Street in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Kathleen also knew some people in Kingston, Ontario. Kathleen sailed on Lusitania with her husband because Fred was to obtain a commission in the Royal British Army. Frederick Hammond died in the sinking, but Kathleen survived.  She was treated at the Queenstown hospital then sent to Golding’s Nursing Home, 18 Patrick Place, Cork.  She suffered from “nervous prostration.” Similarity of names between Frederick and Ogden Hammond led to false hope for Kathleen that her husband had been saved.  Similarities between Kathleen's married name and Ogden's wife, Mary Hammond, had also given Ogden false hope that his wife had survived.  Ogden Hammond, feeling sorry for Kathleen, gave her money to buy clothes and return home. Kathleen Hammond died on 22 September 1919 in Saranac Lake, New York, United States, presumably of tuberculosis.  She was 33 years old. Contributors: Jim Kalafus, USA Paul Latimer Marika Pirie, Canada Michael Poirier, USA Amy Schapiro, USA Judith Tavares References:  Toronto Star.  Saturday, 8 May 1915, pg. 1. Schapiro, Amy.  Millicent Fenwick:  Her Way.  Rutgers University Press, 2003.

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