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Mrs. Alfred Thomas Wakefield (Mary Gertrude Smith)

Mary Wakefield, 38, was a saloon passenger aboard Lusitania who survived the disaster. She was a British citizen from or visiting Honolulu, Hawaii Territory. She was an expecting mother. She entered a lifeboat that upset and was thrown into the water. Both mother and unborn child were saved. Mary was originally from Birmingham, England, where she lived at 14, Reddings-road, Moseley. She was formerly a schoolmistress at Camp Hill. After she was married, she and her husband moved to Honolulu, Hawaii Territory, United States. Newspaper reports say that her husband had died not long before her voyage on the Lusitania, and she was returning home. Prior to Lusitania, Mary had left Hawaii aboard the ship Lurline for San Francisco, California, which also had on board fellow Lusitania passenger Margaret Jones. After Mary was saved from the Lusitania disaster, she was treated at hospital for shock and bruises. Her baby was born healthy, but after growing into young adulthood, he was killed in action in World War II. Mary and her husband Alfred (?) lived in Bridgnorth, England, from 1944 to 1958. Mary died in Shelton Mental Hospital in Shrewsbury, England in December 1958. Contributors: Susanne Haines, UK Jim Kalafus, USA Michael Poirier, USA Judith Tavares

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