Mrs. David Loynd (Alice Grimshaw)

Alice Loynd, 49, was traveling aboard Lusitania with her husband, Reverend David Loynd.  Husband and wife were lost after the got into a lifeboat that spilled as it was lowering. Bodies of both husband and wife were recovered. Alice was from around Tottington, England, and had met David Loynd by 1903. The two were married at the Bury Baptist Church. Alice traveled with her husband as he did missionary work in Indiana among other places.  When the ship was struck, Alice and David entered a lifeboat with Albert and Gladys Bilicke, which spilled as it was being lowered. Both Alice and David were lost. Alice Loynd's body was recovered, #75. She is buried in the Old Church Cemetery in Cobh (formerly Queenstown) in Common Grave C. Alice wrote a long letter to her family which was found on her body.  A copy is on file at the Cunard Archives, Liverpool University. Contributors: Michael Poirier References: Hoehling, A. A. and Mary Hoehling.  The Last Voyage of the Lusitania.  Madison Books, 1956. Sauder, Eric and Ken Marschall with Bill Sauder.  R. M. S. Lusitania:  Triumph of the Edwardian Age.  Waterfront Publications, 1993.

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