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Mrs. James Andrew Gardner (Annie Gray)

Annie Gardner was a British subject returning to New Zealand from North America aboard Lusitania with her husband James and sons Eric and William.  They, with another son, Leonard, had been living in North America for 13 years and were planning to establish a market garden in New Zealand.  James and Annie were lost in the Lusitania tragedy.  Eric and William survived the sinking.  Leonard had traveled to New Zealand in advance and was not on board Lusitania. Born Annie Gray, Annie was the daughter of John Gray of Pine Hill, New Zealand, a suburb of Auckland. John Gray had already passed away by the time of the Lusitania disaster. Annie's friends described her as "a lady of emerging personality". Annie married James Gardner of Dunedin, New Zealand, where they resided and were members of the Trinity Methodist Church. James was also the lay preacher at the church, following in his father's footsteps. James worked as a hosiery manufacturer. The Gardners' two oldest sons, Leonard and Eric, were born in New Zealand. Around 1902, the Gardners left Dunedin for Toronto, Ontario, Canada. There, James had a large interest in a costume manufacturing company. The youngest son, William, was born after their move to Canada. In 1915, James disposed of his stake in the company and sailed on the Lusitania with Annie, Eric and William, to complete arrangements for some agencies in England. Leonard had traveled to New Zealand ahead of them, where he had settled in Nelson as a fruit grower. It was the intention of the Gardners to return to New Zealand and live near Leonard. On 7 May 1915, Annie fainted when the Lusitania was torpedoed and could not be revived.  She may have been the fainting woman Archie Donald helped carry from the second cabin dining saloon.  James went down with the ship with Annie.  Annie’s body was either never recovered or never identified.

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