Mr. Arthur Richard Foley

Arthur Foley, 51, was a United States citizen from Trenton, New Jersey lost in the Lusitania disaster. He lived at 713 Hamilton Avenue. His wife was Thirza Ann Foley and their children were Lizzie Louisa Foley, a daughter, Joseph Bertram Foley, a son, and Ruth Wainwright Foley, a daughter. Arthur was a Mason and in the employ of the Hood Rubber Company in Trenton. He was a traveling salesman and was described as healthy, sober, industrious, and frugal. His income of $3,120 a year was devoted mostly to his family. At the time of his death, Lizzie Louisa was 25 years of age educated as a teacher. Bertram was 22 years of age and self-sustaining, a college student at the Canadian Agricultural College. Ruth was 15 years old and attending Trenton High School. Thirza was then 49 years of age. Foley had sailed on Lusitania to represent the Home Rubber Company in Europe.  Foley was lost in the Lusitania disaster.  His body was recovered, #36, and returned to New York on Monday, 24 May 1915. Funeral services for Foley were held Wednesday, 26 May 1915, at Christ Episcopal Church. The Mixed Claims Commission awarded Thirza $25,000.00 and Ruth $5,000.00 for the death of Arthur.

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Arthur Foley at the Mixed Claims Commission
Contributors: Judith Tavares References: Mixed Claims Commission. Docket No. 65, pg 358.

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