Mr. Basil Guilford Wickings-Smith

Basil Wickings-Smith, 29, was a British citizen from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.  He was traveling with his brother Cyril, Cyril's wife Phyllis, and their infant daughter Nancy.  Basil was married to Phyllis’ sister, Beatrice.  Beatrice did not sail on Lusitania.  Cyril, Phyllis, and Nancy survived the Lusitania sinking.  Basil did not. According to the Imperial War Museum’s Pritchard letters collection and survivor Gertrude Adams, while the ship was sinking, Basil managed to go below decks to retrieve lifejackets without becoming trapped, as he gave his lifebelt to Gertrude. Phyllis attempted to get into lifeboat 11 with Nancy, but being held back, she called to Francis Luker to catch her baby.  She tossed Nancy to Luker, who caught the little girl, and the boat rowed off. Cyril and Phyllis survived and reunited with baby Nancy.  Nancy was one of four infants to survive the disaster.  Basil did not survive.  His body was either never recovered or never identified.

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