Mrs. George Prescott (Bertha Martin)

Bertha Prescott, née Martin, (1885 - 1915) was a British citizen traveling aboard Lusitania to meet her husband who had been injured in World War I and was in Plymouth, England. Aboard Lusitania she was roommates with Bessie Barbour. Bertha was lost in the Lusitania sinking. Bertha was born on 4 March 1885 in Clee Hill, Shropshire, England.  Her parents were John Martin and Sarah Carloss.  Around 1895 the family moved from Clee Hill to Bayton, also in Southern Shropshire. In 1912, the Martin Family, except for Florence, a half sister from John Martin's first wife, moved to Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  Following World War I, they moved to Los Angeles, California, United States. In Canada, Bertha married a George Prescott.  Mr. Prescott went off to World War I and suffered some injuries that brought him to Plymouth, England and Bertha sailed on the Lusitania's fateful last voyage to join him.  Bertha roomed with Bessie Barbour from Greencock, Scotland.  Bertha was lost, but Bessie survived.  The Martin family received a letter from Bessie dated 30 June 1915, describing the events the day the Lusitania sank.  The Martins never had any further contact with Prescott. Contributors: Hildo Thiel

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