Mr. Charles Henry Lund

Charles Lund Second Cabin Passenger Lost
image credit:  Joy Stocking Hill
Born Charles Henry Lund c. 1885
Died 7 May 1915 (age 29) At sea
Age on Lusitania 29
Traveling with - Sarah Lund (wife) - William Mounsey (father-in-law)
Body number 229
Citizenship United States
Residence Chicago, Illinois, United States
Spouse(s) Sarah Jane Mounsey (1914 - 1915, his death)
Charles Lund of Wisconsin, 29, was the husband of Sarah Jane Mounsey of Chicago. The two were married in 1914. Charles was accompanying Sarah and his father-in-law William Mounsey on the Lusitania to find William's wife and Sarah's mother Fanny, who presumed lost in the sinking of the Empress of Ireland, was rumored to be alive and in a Liverpool mental institution.  On the train to New York, the Lunds and Mounsey met Eunice Kinch and her son William Mostoe-Kinch and became fast friends. During the Lusitania sinking, Charles was separated from Sarah and William. Charles and William were lost in the disaster, but Sarah survived and discovered that woman that they were looking for in the Liverpool institution was not her mother.  Charles' body was #229 identified.

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