Mrs. James Stewart (Christina Knox?)

Christina Stewart, 30, was traveling with her son John Knox Stewart from Toronto, Ontario, Canada to Glasgow, Scotland on Lusitania’s last crossing.  Both she and her son survived. From the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Monday, 10 May 1915:
Mother Seizes Babe and Runs to Deck “I was in my cabin with my 8-month old baby, who was sleeping in the berth, when I heard the crash.  I snatched my baby up and went on deck.  A man yelled, ‘Come on with the baby.’  I handed him the infant and he said, ‘Now for yourself.’ “We were two and one-half hours in the boat before we were picked up by a steamer.”
References: “Mother Seizes Babe and Runs to Deck.”  Cleveland Plain Dealer, Monday, 10 May 1915, page 2

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