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Mrs. Richard H. Brammer (Elizabeth Jane Bott)

Elizabeth Brammer, 32, was traveling aboard Lusitania with her 8-year-old daughter, Edith Brammer.  Both mother and daughter survived the Lusitania sinking. Mother and daughter were British nationals from Trenton, New Jersey, United States.  Their Trenton address was 5 Charlotte Avenue. Both Elizabeth and Edith were rescued from the water after suffering exposure and shock.  As a result, Elizabeth was under the care of a physician for more than two months.  In the Mixed Claims Commission lawsuit against Germany, Elizabeth filed a claim of $400.00 for lost personal belongings and another claim of $200.00 for damages and personal injuries.  The court ruled that Germany was obligated to pay Elizabeth the full amount.

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Elizabeth Brammer at the Mixed Claims Commission
Contributors: Judith Tavares References: Mixed Claims Commission, Docket No. 269, p. 396.  

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