Mr. Ernest Moore

Ernest Moore, an Irish national and British subject and a native of Lisdarn, County Cavan, Ireland, was traveling aboard Lusitania's final voyage as a second cabin passenger. At the time of the Lusitania sinking, he gave his address as Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada. He was lost when the ship was torpedoed and sunk on 7 May 1915. His body was either not recovered or not identified. Moore the only brother of Jennie Moore. He was a prosperous farmer and successful exhibitor known in the County Cavan agricultural shows. Due to ill health, he was persuaded to move to North America for his health. He crossed the Atlantic in the spring of 1912, which the Irish Post and Weekly Telegraph of 22 May 1915 noted as being about the same time as the Titanic disaster. Living in Canada, his health had much improved, and Moore was returning aboard Lusitania to surprise his sister. During Moore's trip on the Lusitania, he became acquainted with Susan Coleman, Bridget Lee, and Margaret Galligan. The last two women were aunt and niece, both also natives of County Cavan, who had originally booked passage aboard the Anchor Liner Cameronia but had been transferred to Lusitania when the British Admiralty requisitioned the Anchor Liner. Ernest Moore perished when the submarine U-20 torpedoed and sank the Lusitania on 7 May 1915. His remains were either not recovered or not identified. As his return to Ireland was to have been a surprise, his sister Jennie first heard that Ernest was aboard Lusitania from Miss Lee and Miss Galligan. Jennie immediately cabled the people Ernest had been staying with in America, who had confirmed that her brother had indeed sailed on the ill-fated vessel. On Sunday, 9 May, Jennie departed for Queenstown (now Cobh) in hopes of finding her brother's body, but no trace of him could be found. However, a surviving steward whom she conversed with during her search recognized a photo of Mr. Moore as being one of the passengers. Contributors: Senan Molony, Ireland References: "Lost on the Lusitania." Anglo-Celt, 22 May 1915, page 7. "Cavan Man a Victim of Lusitania Disaster." Irish Post and Weekly Telegraph, 22 May 1915, page 7. Molony, Senan. Lusitania: An Irish Tragedy. Mercier Press, 2004, page 63-64.  

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