Mrs. William Kinch (Eunice Mustoe)

Eunice Kinch image:  Cleveland Plain Dealer, Saturday, 8 May 1915, Page 2. Eunice Kinch, 45, was the widow of William Kinch.  Eunice was from Sheffield, England, and previously she had married a man by the name of Mustoe and together they had a son, William Mostoe.  They had moved to Cleveland, Ohio, United States and taken up residence there.  Eunice's second husband, William Kinch, died prior to 1915. Eunice sailed with her son on the last voyage of the Lusitania to visit their native Sheffield.  They booked passage at Collver and Miller, Taylor arcade.  On the train to New York, they made friends with Charles and Sarah Lund and Sarah's father William Mounsey, from Chicago.  Eunice's cabin on the Lusitania was D-92. On the day of the disaster she was on deck with Sarah Lund when the torpedo hit.  Her son was in the lounge with Sarah's father, William Mounsey.  Eunice and her son were lost in the sinking. From the Cleveland Plain Dealer, 8 May 1915:
Cleveland relatives of Mrs. Eunice Kinch and her son, William Mostoe, 19, both of whom lived at 6300 White-av. N. E., said Mrs. Kinch and her son were going to England to spend their summer at their former home in Sheffield, England.  They had lived in Cleveland for several years.  Both are related to the family of George W. Crane, 5902 Luther-av. N. E.

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Contributors: Norma Kinch Bieler Michael Poirier References: "Seven Sixth City Persons on Board Liner."  Cleveland Plain Dealer, Saturday 8 May 1915, Page 2.

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