Mrs. David Plank (Harriet Slinger)

Harriet Plank in Queenstown image credit: David Bailey. Click on image for full image. Harriet Plank, 61, of 69 Silverthorne Ave, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, lived with her daughter Mrs. Bailey.  Harriet booked the Lusitania because she was on her way back to Lancaster, England to visit her son and two other daughters. She came to Canada with her husband, son and two daughters about 1913. Her son, Hargreaves Plank, residing in England was a disabled naval seaman, and was the first violinist at Loew's Winter Garden. He strongly advised his mother not to travel until the war was over. Mrs. Plank survived the Lusitania sinking but she died on 31 July 1915 from the trauma of the sinking. Her obituary appeared on 3 August 1915.

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The Prichard Letters: Letter from Mary Cryer mentioning Harriet Plank, dated 8 May 1916
Contributors: David Bailey (great-grandson of Harriet Plank) Michael Poirier, USA Hildo Thiel, The Netherlands

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