Mr. Herbert Kesteven Harrison

Herbert Harrison, 37, was a British citizen who had been living in Chicago, Illinois, United States for 20 years. He was aboard Lusitania to visit his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Harrison of Castletown, Isle of Man. Harrison booked passage for Lusitania in Memphis, Tennessee. Herbert Harrison was lost in the Lusitania disaster. His body was not recovered or identified. Herbert was unmarried and lived with three brothers George, William, and Thomas and sister Elizabeth at 5826 Erie Street, Chicago. Another brother, Frank, was the most prosperous of the brothers and provided the house for the four unmarried brothers and sister at a rental much less than its market value. Frank was married and maintained his own domestic establishment. Only Thomas and Frank were naturalized American citizens. The rest of the family retained their British citizenship, despite having made declarations of intent of becoming Americans. Herbert was a driver and collector for a laundry company in Chicago, earning approximately $100 per month, substantially all of which he gave to his sister to be used, with like funds contributed by his three unmarried brothers, for the maintenance of the household and for her personal expenses, including clothing. According to family history, Harrison was going back to the Isle of Man to take care of his parents. This would have been his first visit to them in 7 years. His mother had lived in the US, but had left because she was treated poorly for speaking with a heavy brogue.

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Contributors Michael Harrison (greatnephew of Herbert Harrison) Judith Tavares References Mixed Claims Commission, Docket No. 2201, page 586.

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