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Mrs. Charles E. Worden (Jane T. Goodchild)

Jane Worden, 56, was a United States citizen by naturalization from Lowell, Massachusetts, United States, and a native of Ireland. Jane was lost in the Lusitania disaster, and her body, if recovered, was never identified. Jane worked as a housekeeper and dressmaker. She was married to Charles E. Worden, a carpenter 21 years her senior. They married in September 1886, when she was 26. Charles was naturalized on 28 September 1914, by which Jane also became an American citizen. The couple had no children and owned a house. Due to Charles' advanced age, shortly after Jane's death, Charles' health and strength became impaired and could not continue his trade. He moved in with his widowed sister in Lowell. Charles brought his case against Germany before the Mixed Claims Commission, where he was awarded $7,500.00 for the loss of his wife and a further $650.00 for property lost in the sinking.

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References: Mixed Claims Commission, Docket No.288.

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