Mr. John Freeman

John Freeman
Second Cabin Passenger
John Freeman
image credit: Harold Ruoff.
Born John Freeman
c. 1878
Enfield, England, United Kingdom
Died 6 January 1937 (age 59?)
England, United Kingdom
Age on Lusitania 37
Traveling with Rachel Freeman (wife)
Occupation Farmer
Citizenship British (Canada)
Residence Falkain, British Columbia, Canada
Spouse(s) Rachel Grant (1908 - 1937), his death
John Freeman, 37, was born to a well-to-do family from Enfield, England.  He and his brother emigrated to Canada to take up apple farming. Having being successful, John married Rachel Grant in May of 1908. The couple was on the Lusitania returning to England to visit relatives and on business. When the ship was struck, John and Rachel were sitting on the upper deck of the Lusitania.  He claimed that there were two torpedoes.  They immediately stepped into the lounge to get out of the way of the debris.  Rachel turned to John and exclaimed, "Whatever may happen to us, we shall go to Glory." John took Rachel to a lifeboat and placed her in it and went back to their second class cabin area to fetch lifebelts.  He waited until the ship was almost gone and jumped overboard and began swimming away.  John came across two boats lying at right angles.  Soon thereafter he made good use of one of the boats and rescued over 30 people. John and Rachel Freeman lived out most of the rest of their lives in Canada, but he died in England on 6 January 1937.
John and Rachel Freeman
John and Rachel Freeman. Image credit: Harold Ruoff.

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