Mr. John Charles Wolfenden

John Wolfenden image credit:  Providence Journal, Sunday 9 May 1915. John Wolfenden was the husband of Dora Wolfenden and they lived at 623 Dexter Street in Central Falls, Rhode Island, United States.  According to the Providence Journal, Dora and John were sailing on board the Lusitania with the intent of moving to England.  Dora gave an account that they were going to see their son. When the torpedo hit the Lusitania, Dora was on deck and John was shaving belowdecks.  She tried to get him into the boat, but he said he couldn't until all the women were off the ship.  Dora escaped in lifeboat 15.  John was lost in the sinking. Contributors: Michael Poirier References: "3 Rhode Islanders Reported Rescued."  Providence Journal.  Sunday, 9 May 1915.

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