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Mrs. Arthur Longdin (Matilda Hartley)

Matilda Longdin, 30, was a British national who lived in Toronto, Ontario, Canada with her husband Arthur.  Both of them were originally from Manchester, England, United Kingdom where the Longdin and Hartley families lived. Arthur and Matilda immigrated to Toronto several years before the last voyage of the Lusitania.  They were believed to be returning to England aboard Lusitania so that Arthur could enlist for World War I.  Both Arthur and Matilda were lost in the Lusitania disaster.  Only Matilda’s body was recovered and identified.  Matilda Longdin was body #157, buried in Queenstown (now Cobh), Ireland, at the Old Church Cemetery. Contributors: Janet Dare (great-grandniece of Matilda Longdin) Judith Tavares

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