Miss Martha “Meta” Moody

Miss Martha "Meta" Moody, 38, the daughter of Martha Moody (born Hemphill). They were from Limavady, County Londonderry, Ireland. Mother and daughter had been visiting Martha's brother, Reverend John Hemphill, in San Francisco, California, United States. Mother and daughter were returning to Ireland aboard Lusitania. When the ship sank, the daughter was saved, the mother was lost. Meta was reported as being a "a great favourite among the smart set of San Francisco while here." She and her mother had stayed in a suite at the Loring Apartments at 2400 Van Ness Avenue. In the San Francisco Examiner of 9 May 1915, Reverend Hemphill had expressed thanks to God that Meta had been saved but was still concerned about the safety of his sister, of whom there had been no news. Contributors: Senan Molony, Ireland Judith Tavares References: Molony, Senan. Lusitania: An Irish Tragedy, pg 63. Mercier Press, 2004. San Francisco Examiner, 9 May 1915.

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