Miss Nellie Fentiman

Nellie Fentiman, 26 or 33, was the daughter of Frederick Arthur Fentiman (1858 - 1917) and Amelia Rosina ? (c. 1858 - 1915), originally of Cobbs Lane, Harrow Weald, Middlesex, England. Her father was gardener at Wealdstone House.  Nellie worked as a maid at Berkhamstead and then went to South Africa, returned to England, and then went to the USA, having obtained a post at Manchester, near Boston [unsure if this means Manchester-By-The-Sea, MA, West Manchester, MA, or Manchester, NH]. In the spring of 1915, Nellie's mother was ill and her father cabled her on 30 April asking her to return.  Lusitania was the quickest means of returning, so she caught it and sailed to her death. Her father accepted that Nellie was dead by 13 May, though he had no evidence of that at that time.  Nellie's body was number 148, buried in Common grave B, Old Church Cemetery, Cobh. Contributors: Malcolm Barres-Baker, Projects Officer, Grange Museum Roger ? Mary H. Smith, Irish Titanic Historical Society Judith Tavares References: Harrow Observer, 14 May 1915.  

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