Miss Olive North

Olive North, 25, was a British citizen from Saskatoon, Saskatechwan, Canada.  She survived the Lusitania sinking.  She was in a damaged collapsible that filled with 34 survivors, including Archie DonaldGeorge BilbroughAngela Pappadopoulo, and Thirza Winter, until they were afraid to take on more for fear of swamping. Their collapsible was picked up by Juno.  Aboard Juno, she met sailor Percy Hanson, whom she later married. In Preston, she is erroneously named “Olive Hanson” before her Lusitania rescue. References: Hoehling, A.A. and Mary Hoehling.  The Last Voyage of the Lusitania.  Madison Books, 1956. Preston, Diana.  Lusitania:  An Epic Tragedy.  Berkley Books, 2002.

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