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Mrs. Alfred Howard Amory (Phoebe Sledge)

Phoebe Amory Second Cabin Passenger Saved
Phoebe Amory image:  Death of the Lusitania, by Phoebe Amory, 1917.  Courtesy Mike Poirier.
Born Phoebe Sledge c. 1850
Died 17 April 1942 (age 92) Welland, Ontario, Canada
Age on Lusitania 65
Roommates - Mary Higginbottom - Martha Whyatt
Citizenship British (Canada)
Residence Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Spouse(s) Alfred Amory (? - ?)
Phoebe Amory (1850-1942), 65, was a Canadian woman going overseas on the Lusitania to see her boys off to war and visit her mother, aged 80.  She was married to Alfred Howard Amory.  Phoebe survived the Lusitania sinking and later wrote a book about her experiences. While traveling on Lusitania, Phoebe's cabin mates were Mrs. Martha Whyatt and Miss Mary Higginbottom.  Phoebe's chief impressions were of the dining room, and that there were many palms and one of the trees nearly reached the ceiling. Phoebe, along with Charlotte Pye, was one of the volunteers who sold programs for the Seamen's Charities benefit concert on Thursday, 6 May. Phoebe sold a program to Alfred Vanderbilt in his suite, who then insisted on paying her five dollars for one of the ten-cent programs.  "There," he told her, "that's for your lovely smile." On the last day she took a bath, but as the second luncheon sitting was so close, she slipped on her negilgée and her overcoat and went to lunch when the bell rang.  She had just finished ordering and was eating her soup when the ship was struck. As she mounted the stairs she fell down three times but managed to get up. Reaching the deck, a young man gave her a lifebelt and she made her way forward.  As she entered a lifeboat ready to lower, the officer told her that she would have to jump. No sooner did she jump did the boat began to lower and then spill. Phoebe floated away and realized her lifebelt was on wrong.  She was soon picked up by another boat and was half pulled in.  She later wrote a book about her experiences, The Death of the Lusitania. In 1917, Phoebe claimed that she sustained no injuries from the sinking and was able to continue on her trip to see her mother.  This claim of no ill-health after effects was contradicted by her later claim against Germany. Phoebe supported the cause of war against Germany, especially after living through the Lusitania sinking.  However, her hospitality to British soldiers was ill repaid when a soldier that she had extended her house to stole $200 worth of her jewels.  The police were only able to recover part of what was stolen. At the end of the war, Mrs. Amory filed a claim for $12,720.00 against Germany. Only $1,660.00 was for loss of personal possessions.  Among Phoebe's claims were that she was “almost paralyzed” on her left side and that she suffered a rupture in her right lower abdomen. The court awarded her $6,650.00 in compensation. Phoebe lived to be 92 years of age and passed away 17 April 1942 in Welland, Ontario, Canada.

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