Mr. Ralph Frank Abercromby

Ralph Frank Abercromby (1893 - 1915), 21, was a British national living in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States. He was returning to England aboard Lusitania to join the British Army. Abercromby was lost in the Lusitania disaster. His body was recovered, #23. Ralph Frank Abercromby was born on 27 August 1893, the son of Douglas Charles Abercromby and Helen Louisa Hodgson Murray. Abercromby’s name is given on the Saturday, May 8, list of passengers and in an article about passengers from Cincinnati, Ohio. He was described as a 21-year-old Scotsman who had been working in Ohio for the B and O. S. O. Railroad. He had quit his job just two weeks prior to sailing. The purpose of his trip aboard Lusitania was to return to England to join the Army. Per the list of interments, he was Body #23, body removed. Contributors: Judith Tavares References: "Ralph Frank Abercromby."  The Peerage.  Web. 16 August 2011.  <>. “Complete List of Passengers on Lost Lusitania and of The Known Members of Her Crew, ” The New York Times, Saturday, 8 May 1915, page 4. The New York Times, Sunday, 9 May 1915, pages 5-6. The New York Times, Monday, 10 May 1915 The New York Times, Tuesday, 11 May 1915

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