Master Stuart James Gray

Stuart Gray, 4, was a United States citizen from Los Angeles, California, and the son of William and Terence Florence Gray.  Stuart was traveling on the Lusitania with his mother and grandfather James Paul Gray of Oakland.  The Gray party was traveling to join James' wife, Carrie Gray, in Scotland for an extended vacation. According to a letter written to James Gray by fellow Lusitania survivors Thomas and Maud Turpin, at the time of the disaster Florence had just put Stuart to sleep in a deck chair.  Terence and Stuart were together with Maud for much of the sinking, and they stood together with Thomas Turpin, who had just found Maud, as the ship sank beneath them. Neither Stuart nor Florence's body were recovered or identified.  William Hiram Gray was awarded $25,000.00 by the American Mixed Claims commission for the loss of his family.

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