Miss Thirza Winter

Thirza Winter, 31, was a British citizen living in New York City, New York, United States.  Thirza survived the Lusitania disaster and shared a damaged collapsible with 33 other survivors, including Archie DonaldGeorge BilbroughAngela Pappadopoulo, and Olive North.  Thirza sustained gashes to her head and back from the wreck and was thinly clad, but continued to give artificial respiration to others and saved several lives.  Archie Donald believed her to be the bravest woman he had ever seen. Their collapsible was picked up by Juno.  Thirza was taken to the Queens Hotel in Queenstown. References: Hoehling, A.A. and Mary Hoehling.  The Last Voyage of the Lusitania.  Madison Books, 1956.

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