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Mrs. Charles Young (Elizabeth Grossart)

Elizabeth Young
Third Class Passenger
Elizabeth Young
image: Daily Missoulian, Sunday, 16 May 1915.

Elizabeth Grossart
c. 1888

Died 7 May 1915 (age 27)
At sea
Traveling with - Margaret Murray (housemate)
- Walter Murray (Margaret's son)
Citizenship British (Scotland)
Residence Chicago, Illinois, United States
Spouse(s) Charles Young (? - 1915, her death)

Elizabeth Young, 27, was born in Scotland and later emigrated to Chicago, Illinois, United States.  Elizabeth was married to Charles Young, and they lived with James and Margaret Murray and their son Walter at 6853 South Green Street.  Both husbands were employed by the Chicago City Railways Company and did not sail with their wives on Lusitania’s last crossing.

Elizabeth was accompanying Margaret and Walter on Lusitania on a trip back to Scotland, where Margaret was also from, as Margaret had not seen her mother in 8 years.  All three were lost in the Lusitania sinking.

The Saturday, 8 May 1915, New York Times, names Margaret, Walter, and Elizabeth as being from Memphis, Tennessee, or who had, at least, had booked passage in Memphis, while mentioning that their husbands were employed by Chicago City Railways Company.

Judith Tavares

Daily Missoulian, Sunday, 16 May 1915, page 3.

New York Times, Saturday, 8 May 1915.

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