Mr. John McEneaney

John McEneaney, 23, was the son of Peter McEneaney, a fowl dealer, from Clones, County Monaghan, Ireland. John had lived in New York for some years and "held a good position," as reported in the Clones Correspondent, Daily Express of 12 May 1915. McEneaney was traveling aboard Lusitania in to visit his family and was lost when the ship was torpedoed and sunk on 7 May 1915. His family made inquiries as to his fate after his name did not appear on the list of survivors. Contributors: Peter Kelly, Ireland Senan Molony, Ireland References: Clones Correspondent, Daily Express, 12 May 1915, page 6. Molony, Senan. Lusitania: An Irish Tragedy. Mercier Press, 2004, page 46.

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