Mr. Michael Doyle

Michael Doyle, 31, was a harness maker who lived on Main Street, Kenmare, County Kerry, Ireland. He was a third class passenger aboard Lusitania. He survived the sinking on 7 May 1915 and was picked up by patrol boat No. 85, also known as Heron, and landed in Kinsale, Ireland. Doyle arrived in the United States on 1 June 1913 aboard the Cunarder Caronia. He had left his wife Bridget in Ireland while he pursued his dreams in America. In the United States, he lived in Great Barrington, Rhode Island. He was returning to Ireland aboard Lusitania’s last voyage. He had been standing near Master-at-Arms Peter Smith when Smith suddenly said, “Here comes the submarine sure as hell. She will get us.” Doyle himself did not see the submarine, but saw the foam from the torpedo as the torpedo struck the ship. He heard the explosion and claimed to have been one of the last to leave the deck. After the ship went down, swam for two hours before being picked up. He had a lifebelt on. After he landed in Ireland, he was interviewed by an old friend who was a reporter from the Cork Free Press. He said to the reporter, “Why, it is grand to meet one you know here, and it makes me forget the trying time I passed through this afternoon.” Doyle remained in Kenmare with his wife Bridget and continued working as a harness-maker for about 50 years. He is buried in Old Kenmare graveyard. Contributors: Senan Molony References: Cork Free Press, 8 May 1915, p. 5. Molony, Senan. Lusitania: An Irish Tragedy, pg. 31. Mercier Press, 2004. Weekly Irish Times, 15 May 1915, p. 1.

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