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Mr. Thomas Madden, Fireman

Thomas Madden was a fireman on the Lusitania.  On the day of the disaster he was in No. 1 stockhold on the 12 to 4 watch.  He was tending to the center boiler on the port side of the ship when the torpedo struck.  The following is from his testimony from the Mersey Inquiry from 17 June 1915:
1729 (Branson):  As you were working there did you hear an explosion? (Madden):  Yes. 1730 (Branson):  Where do you think the explosion came from? (Madden):  I thought it came from the forward end on the starboard side, from the forward side of the starboard boiler. 1731 (Branson):  Did water come into the boiler room? (Madden):  Yes. 1732 (Branson):  How soon after you heard the explosion? (Madden):  About 2 or 3 minutes. 1733 (Branson):  Was it much water? (Madden):  Well, I ran to the watertight door, that was shut down.  And by the time I got back it was coming thourhg the boilers.  There would be a bout a foot and a half then. 1734 (Branson):  Then I think you got to the excape ladder and up the ventilator? (Madden):  I got knocked down by the force of the water, but I go back up and went up the escape ladder and got out on the deck.
Contributors: Michael Poirier References: Minutes of Evidence as given at the Mersey Inquiry.

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