Mrs. Albert Palmer (Annie Oakes)

Annie Palmer, 33, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, was traveling aboard Lusitania with her husband Albert and their children Edgar, Olive, and Albert, Jr. The entire family was lost in the Lusitania sinking. Colin Simpson’s book erroneously describes the Palmers as being transfers from the Queen Margaret. the transfers the morning Lusitania sailed were from the Cameronia, not Queen Margaret, and the Palmer family had always intended to sail aboard Lusitania and were not transfers. A police report discovered by Peter Kelly details the recovery of Annie's, Edgar's, and Albert's bodies by Baltimore, Ireland, along the island's south coast. The bodies were brought ashore, examined, photographed. The report reveals that Mrs. Palmer stood 5’2”, had light blue eyes and an oval face, and died wearing a blue corded skirt and brown tweed jacket. Her 7-year-old son Albert also had blue eyes, and wore a Lusitania souvenir badge. Mrs. Palmer had time to “attach” her infant to herself while still on the ship. All three bodies were discovered lodged beneath an overturned lifeboat. A notation found elsewhere indicates that his grandmother identified the boy’s body, using the photograph that remains with the report. Annie's husband, Mr. Albert Palmer, and their four year old daughter, Olive, were never found. Per the list of interments at Cobh, Mrs. Annie Palmer was body #179, age 33 years, Common Grave B; Master Albert Palmer was body #179, age 6 months, buried with Mrs. Annie Palmer in Common Grave B; Master Edgar Palmer was body #184, age 7 years, buried Common Grave B.

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