Mr. Christopher Garry

Christopher Garry Cleveland Plain Dealer, Saturday, 8 May 1915, page 2. Christopher Garry, 51, was born in Bally Trunan, Oldcastle, County Meath, Ireland.  He moved to Cleveland, Ohio, United States around 1890 and worked at the Trenkamp Stove and Manufacturing Company.  Garry lived at 8015 Whitethorn Avenue in Cleveland, and he was brother to Mrs. Mary A. Garry of 7011 Burnham Avenue. Garry was on board the Lusitania in May 1915 to visit his birthplace after being away from there for twenty-five years.  According to his sister-in-law, he was ill with tuberculosis and wished to die in his homeland.  Garry was also going home to see his mother, as she had wished for him to come back to her before she passed away. Christopher Garry booked passage at Collver and Miller, Taylor arcade.  He was lost in the disaster.  His body, if recovered, was never identified.  On page 6 of the 15 May 1915 Drogheda Independent, he was listed as being from Lower Fennor (close to Bally Trunan) and erroneously as a survivor. His three nieces May, Lauretta, Margeurite, and nephew John put forth claims for his death and were awarded $1,000 for the personal effects he had with him on the Lusitania. This was to be divided up four ways. Christopher was single and earned $1000 a year while living with his sister-in-law. He contributed part of towards household expenses.

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