Mr. Christopher William Griffiths

Christopher Griffiths, 32, a British subject from either Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada or Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States was a second cabin passenger and survivor of the Lusitania sinking. His reason for traveling on Lusitania may have been to enlist to fight for the British Army in World War I. Griffiths was born in Rogerstone, in the south of Wales, in the United Kingdom. He was the son of William and Rosita Griffiths, of Newport, Mon. He was married to Maude Mabel Griffiths and they lived at 7, Sycamore Road, Waterloo, Liverpool, England. After the Lusitania sinking, Griffiths served as a lieutenant in World War I in the Royal Engineers. His unit was the 123 Field Coy. He died 7 November 1918, just days before the Armistice of 11 November, from wounds sustained in battle received on 29 October. His division was deployed from December 1915 and was in the line throughout the war. He was buried in Rouen, France, in the St. Severs Cemetery Extension. Maude later remarried to a man named Waudby. Griffiths was awarded several military medals which are still in his family's possession.

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The Prichard Letters: Letter from M. Deiner mentioning Christopher Griffiths, dated 30 June 1916
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