Mr. Edmund Elphinstone Barchard

Edmund Barchard (1874 - 1915), 40, was a British citizen from Uckfield, East Sussex, England, UK, who lived in Columbus, Ohio, United States with his wife, Mary. Edmund Barchard was lost in the Lusitania disaster.  His body was either never recovered or never identified. Edmund and Mary did not have any children and Mary, 31 years old at the time of Edmund's death, was wholly dependent on him for support. Edmund was born on 7 October 1874, the son of Elphinstone Barchard and Katherine Louisa Susan Barwell in Uckfield, East Sussex, England. His grandfather, Francis Barchard, built Horsted Place in Uckfield, Sussex. According to the 1881 census, he was living with his parents in Sussex. By profession, Barchard was an assayer and mining engineer with an income of about $4,000 per year. He was a well-traveled man, traveling among England, Mexico, and the United States. He married Mary Bernadette MacEachen in El Paso, Texas, on 9 October 1901.  She was born in 1883 in Coshocton County, Ohio, the daughter of Angus D MacEachen (1838-1918) and Elizabeth MacIntyre (1846-1933). On 1 April 1917, Mary remarried to Charles Garfield Williams, an United States citizen and a member of the bar of Columbus, Ohio. Mary filed a claim against Germany in the Mixed Claims Commission for her first husband's death.  The court debated on whether she had standing to sue in an American court as she became a British citizen when she married Edmond and resumed her United States citizenship upon his death.  Mary was awarded $10,000 for the loss of her husband. Mary died in 1952 and is buried in Tiverton Cemetery, Coshocton County, Ohio, United States.

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Edmond Barchard at the Mixed Claims Commission
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